Welcome to Pamporovo!

Enjoy your holiday with us!

“Ski Alliance Snezhanka” school units all the best in the sphere of teaching to ski in Pamporovo resort.

We are here to make your dream come true!

Our school employs only highly qualified instructors who have been trained, passed the exams according to the international standards and who have diplomas of Bulgarian Association of Ski Instructors. Almost all of our instructors have been working with English-speaking customers for over 10 years teaching people with different level of ski training in the Rhodope Mountains.

Thanks to the professionalism of our instructors and many years’ experience of work in ski schools, we understand your wills and have enough skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

We are here to make your rest unforgettable!

The ski instructor works personally with you in order to provide you with top-class lessons and rest. He can meet you at in the hotel and accompany you back after the lesson. Your ski instructor chooses the slopes in compliance with your wishes and level and depending on the weather and quality of the snow. The ski instructor will spend the whole day with you, so you can use his services individually, with your family or friends. We can book the best restaurants and organize the most interesting excursions for you. These moments will remain unforgettable!

Private: Equipment prices

We have everything you need!

If you have decided to try skiing for the first time and haven’t chosen your equipment yet, it’s not a problem!

Skilled specialists of “Ski Alliance Snezhanka” wardrobe will help you choose all the necessary equipment for wonderful skiing on our slopes.

We use only TOP and VIP class equipment. TOP equipment is basic modern equipment, and VIP equipment is intended for experienced skiers with a good level of skiing. The work hours of our rental coincide with the work hours of the lifts. We also provide services of cant sharpening.

Price of services, euro

Services 1 day 3 days 4 days 5 days
half day full day half day full day half day full day half day full day
ski, boots, sticks (adults) 10 15 27 40 34 55 40 65
ski, boots, sticks (kids*) 5 10 15 25 20 35 25 40
Services 6 days 10 days 11 days 12 days
half day full day half day full day half day full day half day full day
ski, boots, sticks (adults) 45 75 55 100 60 105 65 110
ski, boots, sticks (kids*) 25 45 35 55 40 60 45 65

* kids boots  are smaller than 35 shoe number

Our resort

Our resort

Pamporovo is one of the biggest winter resorts, situated in the picturesque Rhodope Mountains. The resort is located 260 km from Sofia and 85 km from Plovdiv. The climate in Pamporovo is very favorable for ski – mild winters with over 120 sunny days. Most runs start at the highest point – Snezhanka Peak (1926 m).

The resort is good for skiers with different skills. Experienced athletes have enough steep slopes, but beginner skiers are particularly comfortable here. Relief facilitates pleasant learning and relaxation.

Individual and group training is offered at all levels. Your instructor selects tracks according to your desire and level. Each instructor speaks several foreign languages.


You can meet your ski instructor at your hotel or let you accompany you after the lessons.You can take advantage of the services of the ski teacher individually, along with your family or your friends. All of our instructors are specially trained to work with children. Your successes will be promoted!


The professional team of SKI-ALLIANCE SNEZHANKA will help you get the right equipment for excellent riding on our slopes. Our wardrobe features VIP and TOP equipment. TOP equipment is a modern standard, VIP equipment is for skiers with good skills.


The slopes in the resort can also be used by snowboarders. Pamporovo has ski runs. Horseback riding,snowmobiling, dog sledding, many pools, national restaurants, discos and nightclubs are available here.


There are many restaurants in Pamporovo that offer traditional Rhodope dishes. Near the resort are the towns of Chepelare and Smolyan. Also the unique Rhodope villages Shiroka Luka, Stoykite and Momchilovtsi, where you can get acquainted with the local architecture, customs and traditions.


Our tourists can book an excursion. We offer you to visit the old town ot Plovdiv with а guide, tour to the ancient town Chepelare, Shiroka Luka ethnographic village, Bachkovo monastery, Smilyan Village and Momchilovci village.
All of these attractive places are close to Pamporovo.

Ski touring

The tour is on the ridge of the Perelik hill.The length is about 4-5 hours depending on the conditions and physical form of the participants. The tour starts from the Perelik hut and ends in the village of Gela.There are different options to get down depending on the skills of the participants. The tour can be individual or in a group.The price of renting a guide is 250 leva per day – not including transport and equipment costs.

Tourism in Momchilovtsi village

Momchilovtsi is a village in southern Bulgaria, located in the municipality of Smolyan, Smolyan. It is located in Perelik – Prespa part of the Eastern Rhodopes at 1200 m altitude, 16 km. east of the world-famous resort Pamporovo.

The village is easily accessible with a favorable mountain climate, with a distinct Mediterranean influence. Only 50 km. is the largest game breeding area in Bulgaria – Kormisosh. Rock phenomena in the area are the Dupchov stone and the eco-trail “Tornal e Todio”.

The history of Momchilovtsi is based on archaeological finds, Ottoman and Revival documents, interwoven with legends and traditions. Today’s village name is since 1934.The village is named after Momchil Yunak – the last Christian ruler of the Middle Rhodopean region.

The religion of the village is Orthodox Christianity. It is surrounded by 26 chapels of different sizes. They were built after the building of the church in 1836. Near the chapel “St. Iliya” there is a healing water spring – the well-known” miraculous Ayazmo “spring. Ayazmo attracts many people because it has repeatedly established its healing abilities.

In the village there are many houses of old Rhodope style, transformed into private hotels and guest houses. In the tourist information center of Momchilovtsi you can get extensive information about the village as well as hire a tourist guide. In the tourist center are collected very much traditional handmade products of people from Momchilovtsi as souvenirs, blankets, “Rhodope rug” – a blanket with tassels or sheep wool, carvings, icons and many others that can be bought for symbolic prices.

Welcome to Momchilovtsi! Here people are famous for their great hospitality, you will feel like a local resident, even for a few hours!

Smilyan village

The village of Smilyan is one of the oldest villages in the Central Rhodopes. It is 15 km away from the town of Smolyan and 20 km from the border with Greece.

Smilyan is known to most people with delicious local beans varieties from which different dishes are prepared. In 2003, for the first time, a holiday of Smilyan beans was held. This tradition continues and this event takes place every last Saturday of November. The feast is revealed by lightning beams of beans.
Also very famous is the dairy in Smilyan. The milk of local cows is very good quality and suitable for the production of different cheeses, yellow cheeses and other dairy products because the cows are mainly fed with hay from the mountain meadows. The village has long been famous for its delicious dairy products, which are prepared by traditional Rhodope recipes. In Smilyan, you can taste Rhodopean cheeses , which are more delicious than famous Swiss, French and Italian dairy products. The pride of local people is Rodopi cheese, which is produced by old technology. You should also try the yoghurt, which is so thick that you can cut it with a knife. Not to mention its healing qualities … Homemade yoghurt contains the bacterium “lactobacillus Bulgaricus” or also the famous “longevity bacterium”. Here you can also try a unique honey; products are sold at symbolic prices.

In Smilyan the guests are in a cozy home atmosphere, where the wine and rakia stocks are inexhaustible. You will participate in an unforgettable show of many dances and Rhodope music.